Little Guy Worldwide and GFM Industries Announce Partnership

Little Guy Worldwide and GFM Industries Announce Strategic Partnership, Combining Two Robust Resources for Recreational Vehicles.

Little Guy and Park Liner

GREEN, OHIO – Little Guy Worldwide, LLC is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with GFM Industries, LLC, a leading recreational manufacturer. This partnership ensures customers are able to receive the highest quality manufacturing standards, outstanding service options, simplified parts ordering and product customization benefits as a result of the companies’ combined 20 years of experience serving this industry.

ParkLiner manufactures lightweight fiberglass travel trailers.

Benefits that Parkliner customers can expect beginning in Spring 2017:

Explore a Parkliner Up Close and In Person
Parkliner products will transition from ‘factory direct only’ sales to purchase options from a national dealer body. Previously, you would only be able to purchase from our factory in Liberty, NC. Now, you will be able to head to an RV dealership within a reasonable distance from your house, to experience the inside of a Parkliner and examine the amenities and options for yourself. While we no longer will sell factory direct to customers, our NC factory tours are still available so we encourage you to come by and hang out with us!

New Financing and Trade-in Options
No more having to bring cash, check or credit card to pay for the full amount upfront. The dealerships will be able to offer you competitive financing options that will fit your monthly budget. Currently have an RV? Talk to your local dealership and see what they can do for a trade-in.

Readily Available Parts and Service
Access to dealers across the country who have been trained on Parkliner construction and components will afford you greater opportunity to obtain local, specialized service and parts should you ever need them. And, should you need to store your camper away for the winter, you can take it to your RV dealer for winterizing service.

Skip the Line
Through a higher production capacity, coupled with the available inventory at RV dealerships nationally, you can “skip the line.” – meaning, no more ordering your fiberglass trailer and waiting six months to pick up your new camper. Your new Parkliner is ready and available whenever you are!

We are very excited to now offer the Parkliner brand through an RV dealer near you. This partnership provides you, the customer, with tremendous new options and benefits.