An Historical Timeline of Serro Scotty Trailers

Serro Scotty trailers were built from 1957 until April, 1997, when the plant in Irwin, Pennsylvania burned down. The plant later reopened in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania, but not to make travel trailers. Today, known as Mobile Concepts by Scotty, they manufacture fire safety “houses”. Due to their easy availability, low cost, and the increasing population of retiring baby boomers, there has been a resurgence of popularity for these small trailers that can typically be towed by even a 4-cylinder, and stored in the family garage.


A retired successful car salesman John Serro built a 16 1/2ft trailer in his barn which failed to attract the attention of dealers.


He worked to recreate his designs in a smaller scale producing the Sportsman Jr., a 10ft trailer which was branded as a hunter’s trailer, sold well through 1960.


Serro’s success with the Sportsman Jr. lead him to create a larger 13ft model he called the Sportsman Sr. This is the iconic Sportsman we know today which offered many layouts, including the Mattress(Gaucho) and Front Kitchen(Tonga).


Bristow, OK plant opens and the retro White and Aqua colors and offered along side the polished aluminum.


Scottyland Opens in PA. The best place for Scotty lovers to show off their trailers with other Scotty owners.


The Classic “split-level” HiLander was released with its classic “Bump-up” which increased the hight of the trailer and gives it the specific look we all love.


Scotty expands! They open a new plant in Auburn, Georgia.


The 18′ “Trunkback” HiLander was released. This model utilized a very different design from the other trailers with bump-out storage in the rear and panel trailer construction.


Serro Scotty started to phase out the Aqua and White color scheme and started using a tan and bittersweet orange and black stripe down the center. Tons of new model sizes were released this year as well, ranging from 12.5′ to 32′.


The Regalia is introduced.


The 1990 Scotty Trailers are top of the line and Serro offers a full line of trailers, all the way from 13′ through 50′ park models and even three sizes of fifth wheels.


Serro plant burns to the ground and Serro stops manufacturing travel trailers. Scotty is still in business in Pennsylvania but is now known as Mobile Concepts by Scotty.


Little Guy Trailers acquire the Serro Scotty name and begin producing new models with a modern take.