Why Scotty?

The Serro Scotty travel trailer is truly an American Classic

With a vision of creating an affordable family camper, Mr. John Serro, Irwin PA, founded the legendary Serro Scotty Company in 1957. The campers were manufactured by the Serro family until 1997.

John Serro with his wife Anne in 1957 with the first Serro Scotty prototype.

Beginning as a teardrop camper, Scotty trailers grew to include the 13’ and 15’ Sportsman and HiLander which became the backbones of the Scotty line-up. A Scotty trailer grew to be more than a RV but a lifestyle. Today, the vintage Scottys are treasures – lovingly restored special gems. They tell of a time of camp-outs gone by, laughs laughed, and stories told. New clubs have formed welcoming both vintage and modern Scotty campers.

The home of this lifestyle was the family-owned campground “Scottyland” where Scotty owners gathered, camped together and became family. Large clubs sprang out of this and their camping together became known as “Scotty Time”. The original campground is still open in Rockwood, Pennsylvania and welcomes all campers.

Once again that black Scotty dog adorns the front of the campers and the traditional spirit is alive in the new Scotty campers. Come see the new Serro Scotty trailers where past and present connect, where days of new grow to become memories of the past. Come experience “Scotty Time.”